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Welcome to GuidNightsOot, our entertainment site for Scotland. 

This is not an agency, and we do not book these acts.

The idea behind this site is to help promote singers, entertainers, clubs, bands and venues from all over Scotland, and to give you a one stop shop for getting in touch with them via their weblinks.

And all for free! We don't ask for any money, or bombard you with emails.

I keep promising to update this site... it's happening now...

Why use this site?

Are you planning a night out?

Would you like to know what's on this weekend?

It's unusual to find acts that use the internet for advertising themselves, which is a shame as it is a very powerful tool. It's so easy to set up a site and let people know where you are appearing or for selling or giving free demo tracks in mp3 format.


I will happily list any entertainers, pubs or clubs or other related sites that get in touch with me, so that you can find where the "Guid Nights Oot" are. I'll link to their web sites, Facebook pages or whatever.  I'll give free advice on hosting and building sites.

All you have to do is get in touch. The more links we can get to each others pages, the better chance of getting to the top of the Google searches. It really doesn't matter whether you are a solo act, a comedy or double act, a band, a pub, a club... You need to be noticed and what I offer is FREE.

Venues are a bit quieter since the smoking ban and during the recession, so we all want to get people out for a nights entertainment. I don't mind where you are from. I'm in Fife but am happy to mention any acts or venues who offer entertainment in Scotland... you don't even need to link back to me but that would help get us onto the search engine rankings.

I'll also write and host a site for you if you wish, this would be at a small cost to cover my time and buying a domain name etc.

Don't worry if you don't fit into any of the headings above left - you can still be added!  Just get in touch...

If you find this site and you know any pub or club owners or entertainers - point them in this direction.